The Federation of European Societies of Chemotherapy and Infection (FESCI) is a non-profit organization, affiliated to the International Society of Chemotherapy (ISC).

The objectives of the FESCI are:
  • Promote research in chemotherapy and the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of infection, especially by convening international congresses, conferences and symposia;
  • Encourage the co-operation of the members amongst themselves and between scientists belonging to societies dealing with related basic and clinical sciences;
  • Encourage the formation of national or regional societies interested in therapy of infection and of cancer in those countries or areas where such groups do not exist;
  • Encourage and/or sponsor the formation of European working groups for special research, training projects or the use of therapeutics in the field of antiinfective and antineoplastic therapy and to co-ordinate their activities;
  • Co-operation on national congresses, promotion and development of consensus guidelines.
For the purposes of the FESCI, chemotherapy is defined as the study of all problems pertaining to the discovery, production, properties, mechanisms of action and usage of drugs, whatever their origin may be, that are actually or potentially capable of therapeutic and prevention activity in infectious or malignant diseases and in immunological disorders of man and animals. The objectives and purposes of FESCI shall be exclusively scientific and educational;
No political or religious matters shall be introduced into its meetings or into any of its sponsored activities.
The FESCI is a Federation of affiliated Scientific Societies based in European countries defined as:
  • All European countries according to the WHO definition;
  • All countries of the Mediterranean border;
  • All countries bordering the Black Sea.
The Member Societies hold their own congresses that are supported by the FESCI